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Bowling Ball Maintenance 101: Learn the Basics for Optimal Performance!

When you buy a new bowling ball, you want it to last for a while, don’t you? What can ensure your bowling ball’s longevity? Of course, you have to look after it and take all the necessary steps to maintain the ball’s surface. A nicely-maintained bowling ball can deliver peak performance and will act like a brand-new ball every time you play with it.

While you are focused on improving your skills, as a bowler, it is your responsibility to keep the ball’s quality unchanged for a long time. So are you wondering how to maintain your bowling ball for peak performance every time you bowl? I am here with all the answers you need. So continue to read on!

How to take care your bowling ball for peak performance every time?

Whether you are a professional bowler or just someone who likes to have fun with friends, taking care of your bowling ball is essential to maintain its performance and longevity. By following these tips, you can ensure that your bowling ball remains in prime condition, allowing you to continue knocking down those pins with ease and accuracy.

Proper ball storing

After the ball purchase is done and you have gotten it drilled, you are basically ready to play with it. Let’s say, you only own one or two bowling balls. Do you need a full-sized bowling ball rack? No, you don’t! All you need is a bowling ball cup for each of your balls or a ball protective bag. Remember to put your stored bowling ball in a cool, dry place. Storing your bowling ball in a hot, humid place will degrade the ball’s coverstock quality significantly. In the worst-case scenario, the cover might expand and crack. 

Keep your ball away from air exposure

Now, just because I said keep the ball in a cool, dry place, doesn’t mean it has to be in direct air exposure. Prolonged exposure to air will weaken your bowling ball’s surface. When a bowling ball is manufactured, it is boxed even after the curing process is completed. If you want to treat your bowling ball like a new one, you can keep it in a Ziploc or a trash bag

Cleaning your ball from time to time

Don’t let your bowling ball get too dirty before you decide to clean it. A general rule of thumb is— 

  1. You should clean your ball surface with a ball cleaner after every game/practice. 
  2. Your should re-polish (applicable for shiny balls), or scuff (for matte/sanded balls) your balls after every 10 games. 
  3. You should also consider deep-cleaning your bowling balls after every 30 games with dish-washing detergent.
  4. You should take your bowling ball to a pro shop after every 60 games to get it resurface professionally. This will renew your ball’s coverstock quality and promote better ball reaction.

Remember, when you’re cleaning your ball at home, you have to be gentle with your moves. Don’t let it fall from your hands. Use the right temperature of hot water. But how hot should it be? Do keep in mind that a sudden change in temperature destroys a bowling ball. So if it is a cold day, do not place the ball in a hot bucket of water. If it is a hot humid day, don’t place it in boiling hot water. Just use lukewarm tap water for your bowling ball. 

Do what it takes to stop the ball from cracking

When stored in a rack, try rotating your bowling ball whenever you can remember. Earth has gravity, right? So when it is stored in a rack, a certain area gets more pressure than the other area which causes the ball to crack and break. So rotate the ball every week to shift this pressure point. 

One more thing, never let your ball get hit by a heavy object or it will burst open. This is beyond repair. So keep this in mind. Also, due to safety purposes, never place your ball on a high spot.

Re-drill or drill your bowling ball with extra caution

Never drill or re-drill your bowling ball yourself unless you know what you’re doing.  O your research, ask professionals about the drilling layout, and then go for it. If you need to plug and re-drill your ball, get a professional opinion before damaging your ball for good. 

Bowling ball maintenance tips and trick

When you buy a bowling ball, don’t forget to buy the cleaning kit your pro shop offers. They always come in handy. You can also clean bowling ball your household cleaning kit. You can perform the basic cleaning, deep cleaning, or even slight resurfacing at home all by yourself. Just watch some tutorial videos before you get it done. Just try not to make any mistakes and you will be good.

Resurface Your Bowling Ball

Bowling ball resurface is mandatory for your gaining optimum result from your bowling ball. You can find available resurface kit in bowling ball pro shop and online. You can also find tutorial in blog and youtube on how to resurface your bowling ball. It’s important to remember that resurfacing a bowling ball requires some skill and experience. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable doing it yourself, it’s best to seek the assistance of a professional ball driller or pro shop.


Learning maintenance details are important when you purchase a new bowling ball. Don’t let your ball get too dirty even if it is performing just fine. Also, you don’t have to break the bank to get them cleaned. When you commit to buying a ball, you are committing to taking care of it properly. So follow the ball maintenance tips, tricks, and hacks and apply them to enhance your ball’s longevity. You want it to make worth every penny you spent, don’t you? And all the maintenance will be worth it too. So good luck and see you later, my fellow bowlers!