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How to Measure Bowling Ball Performance Level?

how to measure bowling ball performance levelDo you consider yourself a newbie or a pro bowler? Or are you currently a mid-level bowler? No matter what bowling performance level you belong to, making sure you’re bowling with the right piece of equipment is paramount. If you’re new to bowling, using a high-performing bowling ball will be wrong in so many ways.

Similarly, if you’re an advanced bowler, using a polyester bowling ball to shoot strikes, will be a stupid thing to do. Hence, this article. Consider this a bowling ball performance level guideline to choose the right bowling ball for yourself based on your bowling performance level. So stay tuned.

Entry Level Performance

According to the Performance Index of bowling balls, entry-level bowling balls are balls that are made of plastic or polyester. These bowling balls are perfect for bowlers who are looking for their first-ever bowling ball. If you’re a beginner who is currently bowling straight and have not started hooking your bowling balls yet, the entry-level bowling balls are your best option. 

Besides newbies, other bowlers (who hook their bowling balls) can use the entry-level bowling balls for spare shooting because these balls have very low hook ratings which makes them ideal for straight bowling. So next time, you have to get those ugly splits, take out your entry-level balls. The entry-level bowling balls are also great for drier lane conditions. So if you started with a high hook potential ball at the beginning of your lane, and now your lane has dried up, you can throw your entry-level performance bowling ball.

Mid Level Performance

The mid-level bowling balls are right next to entry-level bowling balls. This means these balls have better coverstocks, cores, and technology. The step up in terms of performance will allow you to bowl better. Not only the mid-range bowling balls will have more force to knock down the pins, but also will have some hook potential. So if you planning to train for your hook shots, a mid-level bowling ball will be an excellent choice.

Usually, mid-level bowling balls are made of urethane. However, you can find plastic or reactive mid-level bowling balls in the market as well. The plastics are well-made to make the ball mid-level friendly. On the other hand, the reactive mid-level bowling balls have a not-so-fancy core on the inside to balance out and limit their performance level. 

Advanced Level Performance

Advanced-level bowling balls are also known as upper-mid performance bowling balls. They are another step up from your entry and mid-performance bowling balls. So what can these balls do? Well, first of all, the advanced-level bowling balls are designed with better technology, better core construction, and a much more durable coverstock. Clearly, it indicates that these bowling balls are better at knocking down more pins, and definitely have better chances of strikes. 

Not only do these advanced-performance bowling balls have better technology but also they are quite affordable. So to me, these balls are basically “the best bang for your buck”. If you have been enjoying bowling for quite some time, and now want to get into serious bowling, an advanced-level bowling ball will be an amazing investment as it is going to be worth every penny!

High Level Performance

For all the competitive bowlers who are not a professional yet, the high-performing bowling balls will suit them best. If you’re in for a sharp angular hook, better ball travel, smoother transition on the lane, and of course, on-time ball reaction, you cannot go wrong with a high-level performance bowling ball. 

The high-performance bowling balls are best for medium to heavy oil conditions. So if you start bowling your first game with a high-level bowling ball, you will do just fine. These bowling balls have the best reputation for providing the highest potential for hooking on the lane. No matter how challenging the lane gets, and how competitive and well-skilled your opponent is, these bowling balls will get you through anything!

Compared to other bother balls, a high-performing one will be much more versatile. This means you can throw your bowling balls from multiple angles and still witness flawless outcomes every time. The wider variety of bowling ball reactions you will see is absolutely going to make you happy. Yeah, they can be a bit pricey. But you get what you pay! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with high-hooking, high-performing, and super-powerful bowling balls.

Pro Level Performance

These bowling balls are the newest in technology. They have the most advanced bowling ball coverstocks and cores that provide the best ball reaction you can ever imagine. But these pro-level bowling balls aren’t for everyone. Bowlers who have mastered the art of bowling and consider themselves highly advanced should only get their hands on these pro-level performance bowling balls. 

These bowling balls have tremendous backend reactions that no other balls can provide. On top of that, they have a very high hook rating which doesn’t make the ball too aggressive and is still enough controllable. I don’t think you can ever find an issue with a pro-performance bowling ball. If you do, maybe you aren’t ready for what these balls can offer. 

Most bowling companies only release a few pro-performance bowling balls every year. Sometimes they collab with other professional bowler athletes to design more improved pro-level bowling balls. These bowling balls are truly extraordinary, no doubt about that. 


And, there you go my fellas! These are the bowling ball categories you should be aware of based on their performance level. If you are planning to purchase your next bowling ball, make sure the ball’s performance level matches your current bowling level. I hope this article has been helpful enough for you to understand the bowling ball performance level and help you choose the right ball for you. Take care and keep on slaying when you bowl. Good luck!