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Columbia Missouri Bowling Alley: Strike & Fun Guide In 2024!

Columbia missouri bowling alley! AMF Town & Country Lanes in Columbia, Missouri, offers a prime bowling experience. The alley features enjoyable leagues, parties, and casual dining options.

With a vibrant atmosphere that caters to fun seekers and bowling enthusiasts alike, AMF Town & Country Lanes stands out as a top destination for entertainment in Columbia. Visitors can enjoy a variety of classic games and refreshments in between their strikes and spares.

It’s more than just a place to bowl; it’s where friends and families come together to have a good time, celebrate special occasions, or join a bowling league. Whether you’re a local looking for a regular hangout or a visitor searching for a night of fun, this bowling alley packs excitement and memories in every frame.

Columbia Missouri Bowling Alley: Strike & Fun Guide


Strike The Fun In Columbia, Mo

Columbia, Missouri, is a vibrant city filled with activities
for everyone. Among these, one popular pastime shines bright – bowling!
Imagine the sound of pins crashing, the sight of glowing lanes, and
the cheer of a perfect strike. Welcome to the bowling alleys in Columbia, MO, where
fun rolls and memories are made.

The Bowling Scene: What To Expect

When you lace up your bowling shoes in Columbia, you can expect top-notch facilities
ready to cater to all levels of skill and enthusiasm. These alleys come
equipped with the latest scoring systems, cozy seating areas, and casual grub to fuel
your strike-hunting sessions. From league competitions to family fun nights, there’s always
a lane for you.

Peak times are usually in the evenings, especially on weekends. Plan to
visit during less busy hours if you prefer a quieter experience. Here’s a look at the times when alleys are
often “usually as busy as it gets”:

  • Friday and Saturday nights
  • Special event evenings

Top Bowling Alleys In Town

Alley NameFeaturesBusiness HoursContact
AMF Town & Country LanesCasual grub & pitchers, leagues & party events5 PM – 12 AM(573) 442-4729

AMF Town & Country Lanes stands out as a long-standing favorite.
It features casual food options that keep bowlers satisfied as they chase their
next spare or strike. Their hours accommodate both early birds and night owls, offering a full
night of fun.

Bowling With Benefits

Experience the thrill of knocking down pins at Columbia Missouri Bowling Alley. It’s not just about strikes and spares! This local hotspot offers a perfect blend of leisure, tasty food, and vibrant nightlife. It caters to all ages, making it a fantastic choice for family outings, date nights, or hanging out with friends. Let’s dive into the delightful extras you get when you choose to bowl here.

Casual Eats And Treats

After some fun rounds of bowling, hunger is bound to strike. At AMF Town & Country Lanes, you’ll find more than just the usual bowling alley snacks. Their menu boasts a variety of delicious casual eats that go beyond the basics.

  • Pizza slices oozing with cheese.
  • Grilled burgers served hot and juicy.
  • Crunchy chicken wings coated in your choice of sauce.

Don’t forget to try their specialty—loaded nachos that are perfect for sharing. Pair your meal with a cold pitcher of your favorite beverage for the ultimate bowling feast!

Nightlife And Party Vibes

When the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t stop. Columbia Missouri Bowling Alley transforms into a lively spot with glowing lanes and upbeat music. It’s the perfect place to celebrate with friends or enjoy a casual night out.

Enjoy the party atmosphere as the lanes come alive with:

  1. Exciting glow-in-the-dark bowling.
  2. Catchy tunes to keep you grooving between turns.
  3. An array of special events and league nights for competitive fun.

Fancy a private party? Book a lane or even the entire venue for birthdays, corporate gatherings, or any other bash. AMF Town & Country Lanes promises a memorable night filled with good vibes and great games.

For The Love Of The Game

At the heart of Columbia’s bustling entertainment scene lies the thrilling and timeless sport of bowling. Columbia Missouri Bowling Alleys invite enthusiasts and families alike to celebrate their passion. Whether you strike, spare, or gutter-ball, the love for the game draws everyone together. At these alleys, commitment to the game is clear, with state-of-the-art lanes, engaging events, and a community that cheers for every player.

Leagues And Competitive Bowling

Join a league to take your bowling skills to the next level. Columbia’s alleys offer leagues for all ages and experience levels. Team up with old friends or make new ones. Here’s why competitive league bowling is a must:

  • Weekly matches sharpen skills
  • Opportunities to win prizes and trophies
  • Friendly rivalry builds team spirit

Events And Tournaments

Excitement peaks during special events and tournaments at Columbia Missouri Bowling Alleys. They host competitions that cater to both casual and serious bowlers:

Event TypeDescriptionDate
Family BowlA fun occasion for the entire family with discounts on games and foodSundays
Midnight MadnessLate-night bowling with music and glowing lanesFirst Friday of each month
Annual ChampionshipThe ultimate showdown of skill and strategy for serious bowlersAnnounced yearly

Family And Friends Day Out

Strike up the excitement! Gather your loved ones for an unforgettable day out at Columbia Missouri Bowling Alley.
It’s the perfect venue for all ages
and skill levels to enjoy some wholesome fun. Get ready to hit the lanes, share laughter, and create memories that last a lifetime!

Kid-friendly Amenities

Expect smiles and high-fives as kids roll their way to fun with our kid-friendly amenities. These features ensure even the little ones can join in:

  • Lightweight balls easy for kids to handle
  • Bumper lanes to keep the game rolling smoothly
  • Accessible ramps for children and differently-abled participants
  • An arcade area packed with child-friendly games

Group Packages And Special Offers

Great deals are always up our alley! Our group packages and special offers make organizing your day out both easy and affordable.
Check out the benefits:

Family Fun Pack2 hours of bowling, shoe rental, pizza, and drinksSpecial rates for groups of 4 or more
Birthday BashPrivate lanes, themed decorations, and a party hostContact us for pricing
Weeknight SpecialsDiscounted games and shoe rental after 6 PMPrices cut by 50%
Columbia Missouri Bowling Alley: Strike & Fun Guide


Don’t miss out! Visit our website or call us to learn more about current promotions and book your group package today.

Roll Into The Night

Welcome to a night where fun rolls on and the laughter never ends. Columbia Missouri Bowling Alley is your go-to spot for a fantastic evening!

Peak Hours Unveiled

Craving some pin action? Here’s the scoop on the rush:

  • Weekday evenings: The place buzzes after 7 PM.
  • Weekends: Fun peaks! It’s busiest between 7 PM and 9 PM.

Want a quieter game? Aim for weekdays, early afternoons are usually chill.

Booking Your Bowling Adventure

Ready to roll? Here’s how:

  1. Visit the official website or call directly.
  2. Choose your ideal time slot.
  3. Reserve your lane to avoid waiting.

Tip: Plan ahead for special deals that might pop up!

Columbia Missouri Bowling Alley: Strike & Fun Guide


Frequently Asked Questions On Columbia Missouri Bowling Alley

What Are Columbia’s Top Bowling Alleys?

Columbia, Missouri offers several bowling venues, but AMF Town & Country Lanes stands out for its long-standing popularity, comprehensive facilities, and enjoyable atmosphere for both league play and casual outings.

Can I Eat While Bowling In Columbia?

Yes, you can enjoy a meal while bowling in Columbia. The AMF Town & Country Lanes, for example, provides casual dining options including snacks and full meals alongside your bowling experience.

What’s The Peak Time For Bowling In Columbia?

For the AMF Town & Country Lanes, the busiest times typically start around 7 PM. Planning your visit accordingly can help you avoid the crowds and enjoy a more relaxed game.

Are There Any Bowling Leagues In Columbia?

Indeed, many of the bowling alleys in Columbia, including AMF Town & Country Lanes, offer league play. These leagues cater to various skill levels and often run on a seasonal basis.

Does Columbia Have Family-friendly Bowling?

Most certainly, bowling in Columbia is a fun family activity. Alleys like AMF Town & Country Lanes are equipped to welcome bowlers of all ages, offering bumpers and lightweight balls for younger players.


Bowling at Columbia Missouri’s AMF Town & Country Lanes offers a delightful blend of sport and entertainment. Their commitment to quality service, topped with casual dining options, ensures enjoyment for bowlers of all levels. Create lasting memories as you strike, spare, and celebrate at this local hotspot for fun and camaraderie.

Whether you’re planning a family outing, a night with friends, or joining a league, AMF in Columbia is the go-to bowling destination.